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Professional UV Sterilizing system

Professional Air Disinfection:

Airborne viruses and bacteria contaminate the air trapped indoors and can pose a real health threat. UV-C systems are powerful instruments to disinfect the air within rooms. UV-C lamps are used in ICU and Hospitals to disinfect infections. When a person coughs or sneezes they tend to remove the mask thus preventing Airborne Disease cross-contamination from one person to another.

Air disinfection in office

Air disinfection process

Our product sucks the aerosol before it reaches fellow workers and passes through 8 high-Intensity UV-C 254nm Germicidal lamps in individual insulated chambers with a dust filter mounted on all sides. UV-C  lamp is used in hospitals and ICUs to disinfect all Viruses, Moulds, Bacteria, and airborne diseases which removes the viral load in our environment giving us a Safe Environment to Breathe. It also removes all kinds of Odour in our living and workspace having a pleasant atmosphere

Our products are approved by CSIR, NEERI, and CIBA, they provide high-level standards and maximum protection to the users.

Professional Fabric disinfection:

YuviSafe UV-C Fabric disinfector can be used to disinfect all garments and clothes in retail outlets for a safe virus-free trial room experience applicable to disinfect any fabric material within 1Minute of Exposure and refresh your clothes with a pleasant fragrance. We focus on a safe and hygienic trial wear experience by preventing you from previous trialed customers who are susceptible to have Skin allergies, Sweat, Bad Odour, Bacterial and viral infections. UV-C Systems maintain the fabric quality as such after destroying the Virus quickly and non chemically.

UV Garment disinfector
Fabric disinfector working pattern

Benefits :

  • The beam of UV-C rays effectively deactivates viruses and bacteria in any dress within 1 minute.
  •  The moist air, sweat, and odor from the dress are pulled out by powerful suction.
  • Dresses are perfumed to feel fresh when you wear them.
  • Environmental friendly – no chemical or ozone emissions hazardous to health.

Features :

  • Shortwave UV radiation peaks at 253.7 nm (UVC).
  • High efficiency and instant disinfection are provided by 6 chambered UV-C lamps.
  •  High suction fan to remove moist air
  • Fragrance diffused over disinfected clothes

Conveyor Disinfection:

It kills Viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms providing a safe contamination-free zone. All bags, gadgets, Raw Food, and Meat are passed through our UV Germicidal 254nm conveyor that provides 360º clean sterilization of the surface without using Chemicals & heat. Applicable in Airports, Railway stations, Food, and storage industries to disinfect meat and feel protected.

Air disinfectant and UVC technologyHigh Intensity & Cleans air 360 degree

UV conveyor
UV disinfection of Spices

Features :

  • Mesh conveyor provided to place any product over it and UV Light to pass through them for disinfection
  • 12 UV Lamps were placed on all 4 sides to provide 360º sterilization on Meat, Food products for storage and bags.
  • Disinfect everything that passes through it within the 1-minute duration.